A Walk In The Woods is a company based in Uttarakhand inspired by flora and fauna of the state.

We believe that nature is the key to internal and external peace.

We organise treks, hiking, camping, bird-watching, butterfly walks, nature trails and other adventurous and educational routines amongst the forests and mountains of the Dev Bhoomi - the land of the Gods.

We also organise awareness campaigns and motivational talks regarding the protection and conservation of the biodiversity of the country.

Our aim here is to give every person the best of experience and help them understand the wildlife of Uttarakhand and eventually India. Along with the thrilling events, the company also markets the local products of Uttarakhand such as, Holy Water from the Ganges as well as Panch Prayags, local grains and pulses and famous herbs.

As a new venture we have also started publishing books. A dedicated team of eminent persons is in our editorial board. Feel free to share your manuscript with us.